Agro Termal

About Us

It is a sustainable and technological agricultural brand that brings the innovative spirit of Yediyol to the agricultural sector.

Geothermal Technological Greenhouses

Thanks to the geothermal heating systems and state-of-the-art automation systems used in Agro Termal greenhouses, efficient production can be carried out for 12 months. With the use of renewable geothermal energy, a high amount of energy savings is achieved.

High energy savings compared to conventional greenhouses

12 months of cultivation and increased crop productivity with geothermal heating systems

Agro Termal, The Clean State of Agriculture

Agrotermal, which utilises geothermal technologies, provides all the necessary criteria for tomato cultivation with a computer automation system.

Controls are carried out automatically in line with the data transmitted to the computer by the sensors sensitive to humidity, light, heat and wind inside the greenhouse.

With Geothermal Energy

Modern Agriculture
Maximum Efficiency

It is aimed to obtain higher income with lower costs per unit area in modern agriculture by using renewable geothermal energy.

Agro Termal aims to be the largest greenhouse not only in Turkey but also in Europe with the size of the closed area where production is carried out.

By combining sustainable geothermal energy with state-of-the-art agricultural systems, it optimizes production in greenhouse agriculture.

A Sustainable Future

Women Employment in Agro Termal Greenhouses is 90%

Agro Termal facilities, where 12 months / 4 seasons of productive agriculture are carried out, contribute to the society while protecting the environment with sustainable agricultural practices. Thanks to geothermal heating systems, efficient production is achieved throughout the year, while the damage to the environment is minimized.

Our investment is made with the technology that will make a name for itself both in its own region and in Europe.

We aim to achieve the highest production efficiency and minimize environmental impact by using geothermal technological systems.